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Make Money on the Internet!

Everyone else is making money on the Internet.... why shouldn't you?  Now you can easily make a second income simply by putting your computer to work for you!  Bookmark this page and sign up for the programs at your convenience!

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Companies That Pay You To Surf The Internet:

How can you make money just by surfing the web?   It is simple.  Just click on the company banner (you will find them below), join the program, download a viewbar (where applicable) and surf the web as usual.   The company will record your time and pay you for it!

While you CAN make some nice checks just for surfing (several hundred a month by using a few companies), the big bucks will really roll in when you surf your hours AND get other people to sign up!   This is called "referring," and it is easy to do. 

The best way to make lots of money is to have your own website (like this one) where people can access different companies using YOUR referral number or ID.  All you have to do is sign up for the programs to get your own referral number or ID, then cut and paste the banners on your own website for people to access.  Its that easy!   Companies like Geocities or Tripod will help you build a website for free.  

Of course, if you don't want to build your own website, you can simply let your friends and family know about the opportunity to earn money by email or telephone!  Just give them your referral number to use when they sign up.

Its easy and it will pay off BIG!  Here is an example:

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Here are the companies:

1.  All Advantage pays you to surf the Internet while viewing small banner ads.  It doesn't get any         easier than this!  Click on the banner below to sign up and start making money!

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2.  Spedia also pays you to surf while viewing small banner ads.  Click on the banner below to sign up!

Make Cash on the Net

3.  Be  Surf, view, and BE PAID!  Click below to sign up now!

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4.  Crew-Design: Pays a high hourly rate just to be online!  Click below and sign up!

5.  Get paid up to $10.00 just to view a commercial!   Click below for details.

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6.  Value  you can earn money when you and your friends are online!  Click below to find out more.

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7.  Cash  Get paid to surf!  Click below and sign up!

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8.  Cash Fiesta:  Join the party and get paid!  Click below for details!

9.  Blue  Make money simply by surfing!  Click below and sign up now!

10.  Earn cash for surfing the web! Click below for details.

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11.  Pay Bar:  Click below and sign up!

Get Paid to Surf @

12.  Get Paid  Just what it says.....Get Paid!  Click below.

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13.  Go To  Get paid to surf, chat, and shop.  Sign up below.

14.  Unique Surf:  I could use $1000 a day, couldn't you?  Click below for details!

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15. It adds up:  Watch the money add up!  Click below.

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16.  M Value:  Click below for cash!






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