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Kindergarten Kapers


Exit Expectations for Kindergarten

What should your Kindergarten student be able to do before entering 1st grade? (Note:  these are only guidelines)

Language Arts

1.  Letter sound/symbol recognition.
2.  High frequency word recognition.       Go to High Frequency Words
3.  Have an understanding of left to right directionality.
4.  Hear and recognize rhyming words.
5.  Name writing skills.
6.  Introduction to / awareness of lined paper.
7.  Recall story sequence.
8.  Story retelling / story summarization.


1.  Number recognition (1-20 in and out of order).
2.  Understanding of one to one correspondence.
3.  Exploration with manipulatives.
4.  Adding and subtracting up to and from six.
5.  Demonstrate an understanding of patterns and relationships.

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