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Dinosaur Unit

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It Could Still Be A Dinosaur
Dinosaur Encore
by Kadileen Daly
The Monster's Party by Joy Cowley
Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki
Patrick's Dinosaur by Carol Carrick
What Happened To The Dinosaurs? by Franklyn Branley

Poems and Songs:

Dinosaurs of Long Ago
(make up movements to go along with the poem)
The dinosaurs lived long ago,
and walked like this, and that
Some were large
and some were small
Some liked water
and some just walked on land
Some had wings that flapped and flapped
Some had long necks that stretched and stretched
The meanest, rudest one of all was ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex
These were the dinosaurs of long ago
Goodness, gracious, where did they go?


1.  KWL:  What we know about dinosaurs, what we want to know about dinosaurs, and what we learned about dinosaurs.

2.  Dinosaur Graph:  make a class graph of the children's favorite dinosaur.

3.  Dinosaur Names:  Help each child to add "osaurus" to the end of thier name to create their "dinosaur name." (example:  "Zach-osaurus")

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Dinosaur Unit

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